6 A-side tourament

Having suffered three appalling weeks of rain, wind and disappointing August weather, Roe Green welcomed five cricket teams to battle out a six a-side tournament in beautiful sunshine. The entertainment ended in a dramatic battle of tactics at around 8pm, seven hours after the first cricketers arrived for the afternoon and just as the moon became visible on the horizon.

The three previous years had seen Ed Cockburns team from Baldock victorious, but as the number of players assembled it look as though this period of dominance could shift to any of the other teams which had summoned the support of a new generation of young players. A quick explanation of how the afternoon was to be structured and the necessity for a quick turn around between innings by David Green and then on with the cricket.

First up were the Colts (team 1) against Sandon (team2) followed by Wallington (team 3) against Strollers (team 4) and then Baldock (team 5) verse Colts (team 1). This format followed a rhythmical cycle and ensured each team played each other without an immediate result until tea when the cake was unleashed. For the first time this season food was not the winner as all were aware that by 5 o’clock we were only half way though cricketing and a late finish was looming.

By the second half, Baldock had taken advantage of the beer and looked like they had lost their shine. There had also been some notable performance with the bat, ball and fielding with some direct throws at the stumps creating some needed run outs from Kevin Willers -Sandon. Batsmen were retiring at 25 runs and notable performances came from Jarman – retired three times and Ben Smith for Sandon, with a total score of 93.

As the sun hung low in the sky casting long shadows across the pitch, men in large numbers congregated around the score board to discuss which teams had a possibility of victory. Sandon had won three of their games where as the Strollers had the possibility of sharing victory, were they able to beat Baldock and then Sandon in the final game. Victory against Baldock came relatively easy as beer got the better of them and players could be seen stumbling all over the ground.

So it was in the dying light that the Strollers were set a score of 51 runs from 5 overs in order to share overall victory with Sandon. Jake Deuphaugh, who had played with determination and patience throughout the afternoon bowled a very competitive over in an effort to take victory. However it was left to Wornham in the last over to hold his nerve. With 8 runs required off the last over, Jarman scored a four forcing his retirement. 5 runs from 5 balls became 1 run from the last ball of the match. Wornham v’s Jerome Green. A slow delivery with some good backing up from Nunn resulted in a victory for the Strollers. Overall Sandon and Sandon Strollers had won three games and drawn one.

David Green concluded the evening thanking all for attending, supplying food and highlighted some individuals for their skills. However no-one, until now thanked David for organising the event, looking after the wicket and keeping it rolled. David also supplied Champaign for the winning side. Jarman opted for the booze, Wornham for the trophy. Hurrah!