Guilden Morden Away

We arrived at Guilden with 13 men (surely a Strollers record), won the toss and put Guilden in to bat. Myself alongside my good friend and Sandon stalwart A.Mahamood opened the bowling (unfortuneatly for Guilden, my mate Aftabs Luton league side didn’t have a game this weekend). We made steady inroads after I could of had their opener first ball but for Tom Hunts honesty and impeccable sportmanship. We had them on the ropes for much of their innings. The introduction of Matt Inman was the ture coup de grace, as the Guilden batsmen seemed to prefer commiting harakiri than try to find a way of scoring off the young leg spinner, who at times seemed to be ‘turning it square’. Guilden struggled to a not very competitive 77 from 30 overs.

We started the chase well with myself managing a few boundries before I was dismissed rather softley (popped up a regulation catch to cover). This however bought to the crease a Mr C.Pocha and I can assure you all it really was a sight for sore eyes. After getting acustomed to the village conditions, the boundries began to accumulate thick and fast. We reached their total after 12 overs with 3 wickets down.

Well done to everyone involved especially to Ian Bandy and Paul Heath who both played for the opposition, umpired and scored respectivley.

MOM M.Inman 5 Overs 2 Maidens 10 for 2
Mentions for C.Pocha 37 runs (High Score)
A.Mahamood 6 Overs 1 Maiden 15 for 3
I.Muhammad 2 Stumpings and 2 caught behinds
J.Cocker bowled extremley well with no reward