Charles Hunt memorial 2016

After a week of intense rain, the Charle Hunt memorial match between the Strollers and Wallington was played on the 5th June. David Green had slogged himself  to prepare a wicket with his new scarifier to both teams relief despite the ground being as soft as a marshmallow. The Strollers, captained by Ben Cannon scored 162 from 35 overs. As in past years, the opening delivery was  supported by 7 slips a point and silly mid-on. A more familiar field developed over the coming overs with fielders relocating to the location where the previous delivery was struck. Notable performance from Charlie Cannon, Lucas Gallo, David Green and Henry Hughs and good bowling from Mark Hopley who was on for three wickets in three balls.

An almighty tea consisting of cake, biscuits, cake and rocky road was a welcome break to the summer sun and having consumed far to many calories the Strollers reluctantly returned to the field.

Wallington, lead by John Inman performed well with Harry Jarman and Matt Inman opening the batting. Some tight bowling from a team of 13 kept the run rate low and the wickets frequent. However, working on the 25 runs and retire rule, Strollers realised that the re-introduction of Harry Jarman and John Inman would prove detrimental to the outcome and tactical bowling was in order. Nevertheless the prospect of bowling 8 overs in this style proved to much like hard work. So the bottom order were knocked off, only for Harry to return to the crease adding a further 5 sixes to his tally and claiming victory for Wallington.

By the end of play a sizeable crowd had amassed as Bridget Hunt presented the trophy to Paul Morris. As the sun set on a picturesque evening in Sandon, the atmosphere and memories from this sporting event would have meet with approval from Charles.