Christmas 2015 Awards

John Inman giving a round up of the 2015 performance

John Inman giving a round up of the 2015 performance

Twas the night before the night before, the night before Christmas and all through the county, not a frosty night was predicted, not even a chill. Which was superb because the Moon and Starts is so remote that roads leading to it become death traps at the hint of inclement weather!

John Inman rallied the troops for one last gathering in 2015 with the promise of great food and an awards ceremony. In the days leading up to Christmas many engagements in a short period of time complicate prioritization of events, but the turn out was high and with it a great atmosphere. Were this evening a cricket match and this our opening over bowling, we would be about 3 wickets for 0 runs much to the delight of Paul Heath, as it would be his over!

Glasses charged and a pecking order established – the obligatory barrage of insults towards Will Budd the returning student, and onwards to a lavish meal of Chilli and Sandwiches. John took to the floor and gave a great overview of the season. We played 15 inter village games. Won 6, Lost 7, Drew 1 and Tied 1. We also played the Under 40 Over 40 game on Fathers Day, the over 40’s were victorious. The Charles Hunt memorial game and one of the final games of the season, the 6 aside tournament.

John paid tribute to Tim Graham a.k.a The Cobra of Viceroy Cricket Club traveling team. Unfortunately Tims innings came to an end this year, but judging by the Strollers efforts to replicate his bowling action in the bar, which earned him his nickname, Tim left a lasting and happy impression upon those fortunate enough to have played with or against him.

Recognition was paid to every member of the club and those beyond who help to make the club a success. Robert Wornham received a special thank you for maintaining the outfield, David Green for keeping the wicket in good order and Ben Cannon for any grass care required. David Green was presented with a picture as a sign of the clubs gratitude. Further acknowledgment went to the following for their batting performance throughout 2015; Paul Heath for the most ducks, Fred Morris for best innings of the year (131 on Hereford tour), Joss King for the Geoffrey Boycott – Stone Wall Award for staying ability at the crease, Will Budd for best batsman of the year. John then turned his attention to bowling and awards were as follows; Most weaselly wise bowling ever to Keith Rogers against Harry Jarman, Best bowling figures Matt Inman, Best strike rate to Keith Rogers. Joe Coker received the best young player of the year and Daniel Williamson for colt of the year. Finally Ian Bandy cleaned up the final two and most significant awards – Players player of the year and Champaign moment. This was for his hatrick of wickets, the first one being the last wicket of an innings followed by two successive wickets against UWC Straddlers several weeks later. Our President Paul Morris put into context the success of the 2015 season in relation to the 31 years of cricket at the Strollers. This rousing speech concluded by encouraging all to embrace the new season ahead with the expectation that ‘a man’s reach should exceed his grasp’. – Robert Browning c.1855

The evening concluded with a mini bus ride home for a lucky few, thanks to new landlord Lorry Alderman. There will be a meeting in March to discuss the 2016 season.